The Wool Pot

The Wool Pot originated from our mutual love of wool and all its incredible natural properties. Nadia living on a sheep farm, and Polly being involved in the wool industry all her life.

Realising that so many of us have become so reliant on using plastic in our everyday garden life, we realised The Wool Pot could be a solution to help reduce single use plastic in the gardening industry. In New Zealand alone, over 350 million plants in plastic pots are produced a year. Just imagine if all of that was replaced with something that not only completely decomposed naturally, but actually provided benefits to the plants and soil. And so the wool pot was born.  

We tested The Wool Pot in our own gardens, commercial market garden and plant nursery and were amazed at how it broke down in the soil, leaving no trace – just lots of happy plants and worms! The Wool Pot will form a bubble of life around your plant when buried, your plants will love being surrounded by the wonderful properties of wool, just like nature intended.

As long as sheep have grass to eat, water and sun, wool will keep growing and giving back to our planet, it truly is one of nature’s most sustainable, environmentally-friendly wonder fibres. 

-Nadia and Polly

About The Wool Pot:

Because wool is an entirely natural organic product, when it makes contact with bacteria and fungi in the soil it completely breaks down, leaving no trace! As wool decomposes it releases essential nutrients back to the soil, like a slow release fertiliser. This is one of the reasons why sheep pellets (made from wool dags) are such a widely used plant fertiliser. These nutrients include nitrogen, sulphur, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium, all of which are essential for healthy plant growth.

Wool is a truly natural, renewable and sustainable fibre, being able to completely break down and return to the Earth – unlike synthetic fibres that are extremely slow to degrade and contribute significantly to microplastic pollution and over flowing landfills. Quite simply, as long as there is grass to eat, sheep will continue to produce wool, and when it returns to the earth it will completely break down, releasing nutrients and completing the cycle. It doesn’t get more sustainable, renewable or natural than that.

To try The Wool Pot for yourself or learn more, find it here


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