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Introducing our Bedding Blanket collection:

Elevate any space with our exquisite New Zealand wool bedding blankets. Versatile and timeless, they bring warmth and style to your home or make for an unforgettable wedding or all-occasion gift. Explore the possibilities of pairing two blankets for a contrasting touch. Crafted with traditional stitching and finishing, these blankets come in sizes: Throw (115x180cm), Single (185x230cm), Queen (230x255cm), and King (255x280cm).

But that's not all. Sleeping under wool offers a range of benefits too:

- Experience exceptional comfort and softness that only wool can provide.
- Enjoy natural temperature regulation, keeping you cozy in winter and cool in summer.
- Breathe easy with wool's hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant properties.
- Wake up refreshed and rejuvenated thanks to wool's moisture-wicking capabilities.

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15 products

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