Simple yet timeless:

With sun, water, and grass

Wool renews itself again and again.

Wool is...

Good for you

Warm in winter – cool in summer

Durable - Can last for decades

Bounce back - Wrinkles fall out easily

Allow up to 25% deeper sleep

Good for your health


Filters dangerous carbons from atmosphere

Natural odour control

Resistant to bacteria, mould & mildew

Low allergy - Less bed bugs

Good for your families safety

Inherently Flame Retardant, this phot show represents the difference between Wool, Acrylic and Cotton in a burn test. See how wool is barley burnt while the Acrylic has melted and burnt very quickly.

Wool truly is a super fibre.

Good for the environment

Long lasting - Truly green product

100% biodegradable

Microplastic free

No synthetic materials

Natural - from sheep!

...and more

Comfort – wool is comfortable due to its unique spring-like fibre structure. The natural crimp offers excellent support for all as well as relief from bed sores and several other medical conditions.

Micro-Climate control – wool regulates your body temperature keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer; maintaining a steady temperature also leads to a more restful sleep. This is an especially important feature of our bedding blankets.

Air Quality – wool fibres absorb and hold on to indoor pollutants, improving air quality while you sleep.

Anti Microbial – wool blankets are naturally anti-microbial due to its protein composition and unique surface scale structure on which bacteria cannot survive.

Odour Control – the moisture-absorbing properties of wool absorb sweat from the skin and halt the generation of odour-causing bacteria, keeping your bedding fresher for longer.

Natural Flame Resistance – wool is naturally flame-resistant, making it safer to sleep.

Sustainable – wool is a natural and fully sustainable fibre from a renewable source.

Hypoallergenic – wool is naturally hypoallergenic and is perfect for anyone with allergies or sensitivities.

Dirt Repellent – the antistatic nature of wool reduces the attraction of lint and dust, and the surface scales prevent dirt from penetrating the fibre surface.

Asthma friendly  – dust mites are a key trigger for Asthma attacks; they cannot survive on wool making it a perfect choice for asthma sufferers.

Sleep Better Under Wool – sleeping in and under wool has been scientifically proven to improve sleep quality by up to 25%. Many of our blankets can be used both in Summer as a duvet alternative and as an extra duvet layer in winter.

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