"I established Exquisite Wool Traders in 2008 after our family's wool buying business Yaldhurst Wools, had long supplied the Hainsworth Mill in England with New Zealand wool. We have sourced from farms throughout the South Island for many years.

I have a passion for New Zealand wool and quality woollen products. It is so exciting to offer you the most diverse colour range of woollen bedding blankets, throws, scarves, Brora Knitwear and Natural Legacy Woollen Caskets and Ash Urns."

- Polly McGuckin

general Manager

People often ask “why are they made in England”.

Fortunately for the New Zealand wool industry, mills in England have supported us by buying our wool. Without them we would struggle to have a wool market for our farmer. The many years of expertise at the mill (Hainsworth was established in 1783) provide the high quality blankets, throws, woollen caskets and woollen urns. We are now very fortunate to work with another world renowned mill to bring you a beautiful collection of wool scarves and beautifully patterned and coloured throws.

The gift of quality is like no other, to see my blankets and throws adorn many homes and businesses is wonderful.

  • Our proud Exquisite Wool Traders history starts here in New Zealand and extends to a woollen mill in England, that dates back to 1783.

    In 1893 this mill started buying NZ wool. This is proudly displayed in a logbook at the Yorkshire mill. Our family wool buying business, Yaldhurst Wools, Christchurch, buys wool from the same farm featured in that logbook, along with other wool sourced from South Island farms. Some of this wool is exported to the mill in England.

    This specialist, English textile mill has supported the NZ wool industry for all those years, making not only woollen blankets but fabrics for furnishings, clothes, royal and military ceremonial dress, woollen caskets, snooker, and pool table cloth, to name a few beautiful woollen items made using NZ wool. A.W. Hainsworth also supports wool scours in NZ by always having the wool scoured prior to shipment.

    Yaldhurst Wools long association with the mill allows me at Exquisite wool blankets, which I established in 2008, to supply beautiful woollen products, from our NZ wool bedding blankets and throws to the Natural Legacy Wool Caskets, with 3 fleeces of NZ wool in each casket. Together we are proud supporters of NZ wool and it is exciting to see the next generation of our family members share our passion for wool. Over the years members of the Hainsworth family have spent time at Yaldhurst Wools learning about the wool supplied to their family mill and what goes into growing top quality wool fibre.

  • If it were not for mills in the UK and Europe who value traditional qualities of craftmanship and integrate them with the latest innovation, NZ would struggle to sustain a wool industry.

    We all need to stand by each other in NZ and if a product is made from NZ wool, get behind that business, support them and think great, there is another business using wool.

    The campaign for wool, a multi-national, cross-industry coalition was formed to raise the profile of wool, let us all work and support each other to ensure a better future for wool.

    Happy shopping our online wool store!  I can honestly say our beautiful  range of woollen products has something for everyones taste.

    Polly X

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