Harley Fairisle Knitwear Sizing and Care Information.

Size Information 


Sizing is the following:

Crossbred Design Sizes (approx.) (cm

Crossbred Design Sizes

Merino Design Sizes (approx.)(cm)

Merino Design Sizes


Sizes are taken with the garment flat measured.

Due to the natural properties of wool, allow tolerance of 1-2 cm for each garment.


Caring for your Knitwear

It is perfectly normal that when you first wear a pure wool garment, loose fibres near the surface rub together during movement and form little balls of wool known as pilling or bobbling. I have put together this simple guide to help you beat the bobbles and keep your garment looking fantastic for many years to come.

Handwash is Best

This is the gentlest way to wash your knitwear and the best way to avoid shrinkage and minimise pilling. Wash by hand in tepid water.

Wash your knitwear inside out

Any pilling caused by washing will be on the inside not the outside.

Use gentle, liquid detergent

Add a small amount of liquid hand-soap and soak the garment in lukewarm water for 5 minutes. NEver use regular washing detergent as this can damgae the fibres.

Squeeze, don't rub or wring

To wash the garment you must gently squeeze, without rubbing, the garment in the water. Lay your damp garment on a large bath town. Gently roll the town and the garment together much like a Swizz roll to remover the excess water.

Air dry flat

Pull gently to size and allow to dry flat on a clean towel away from direct heat sources such as radiators. When dry, press to shape using a damp towel or lightly steam by holding a steam iron just above the surface of the garment.

Remove any pilling

When the garment is completely dry, gently remove the small pill either by hand or with a hand-help sweater comb or razor - NEVER us scissors. By doing this after each of the first 3-4 washes, you will find that the pilling subsides and will eventually disappear.



How do I track my parcel?

We offer a fully tracked service for all orders. You will be sent an email once the package has been picked up, and from there, your tracking number will be attached. You will also receive updates when the parcel moves and a final update when it has been delivered so that you know when it has arrived.

How long does delivery take?

Across NZ, we aim to get the product to your door within 4 working days, but it is usually 2 days. Australia can take up to 14 days, but it usually takes less than this. The United States can take 2-3 weeks.

What if I enter an incorrect address by mistake?

If an order is delivered to an incorrect address and needs to be sent again, you will be charged for additional delivery as well.

What if I would like to exchange the colour of the purchased product?

We only accept exchanges not refunds, if you are needing to exchange a product you will be charged an additional delivery charge.  Please do take the time and choose carefully.

Why is my parcel not moving when I track it?

Please contact us if your parcel has not moved after a while via the NZ Post tracking system and we will get in touch with our NZ Post agent.

What are your payment options?

We offer Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Shop Pay and MasterCard. If you would prefer to online bank please send me an email at polly@exquisitewooltraders.co.nz and I will send you an invoice with account details for internet banking. If you prefer this option please send full delivery instructions for sending products. Our shop is also open Mon-Fri to view our range.