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Harlequin Tutti Frutti NZ Wool Throw

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Experience the vibrant charm of our Harlequin Tutti Frutti 100% Wool Throw, a kaleidoscope of colors for any setting. This throw is a celebration of brightness and joy, featuring an expertly woven palette of Teal, Fuchsia, Gold, Coral, and Hazel. It's the ideal blanket for a lively day at the beach or a relaxing time in the garden.

The Tutti Frutti Throw doesn't just excel in outdoor vibrancy; it also brings a ray of sunshine to your home interior. Its bold and brilliant hues add a dynamic touch to any room, instantly uplifting the mood and transforming the space.

Crafted from 100% pure wool, this throw offers more than just striking aesthetics. It provides warmth, comfort, and a soft touch, making it a versatile choice for both practical use and decorative flair.

Approx size: 185 x 140cm (L x W).

    Harlequin Tutti Frutti NZ Wool Throw
    Harlequin Tutti Frutti NZ Wool Throw
    Harlequin Tutti Frutti NZ Wool Throw
    Harlequin Tutti Frutti NZ Wool Throw
    Sustainable product
    Shipping to NZ & Aus
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    How long will it take for my purchase to be delivered?

    To the North Island 2-3 working days and to the South Island 1-2 working days. Postage overseas will take 5-15 days. View our Shipping & Returns page here for more info.

    How do I care for my product?


    • Do not wash your throw in the washing machine. The heat can cause shrinkage, and the spinning can cause loss of shape. 
    • This product is not suitable for bleaching. 
    • When ironing this product, use a cool setting with a max temperature of 110 degrees Celcius. 
    • Cleaning this product will require professional dry cleaning.  


    Wool is a 100% natural fibre and with the right care our blankets and throws can last for generations. We recommend dry cleaning.


    Please refer to the instructions on the label for care instructions.

    How easy is it to look after knitwear?

    It’s not that difficult to look after your wool. It may not be as simple as other garments which can be thrown in a washing machine, but it’s not as hard as many believe. If you follow the instructions carefully you’ll discover that it will be worth the extra effort.

    How do I wash my cashmere?

    Most of our wool is hand wash unless otherwise stated. Do not wring or rub as this will stretch your garment. Rinse thoroughly but carefully and dry flat on a towel to help soak up any excess water.

    How do I store my cashmere?

    During the warmer months, chances are your knitwear won’t be worn as much as they were during the winter. Because of this you need to ensure that they are properly stored and protected. Always ensure your cashmere is clean before storing.

    Do you offer exchanges?

    Yes, we only accept exchanges, not refunds. If you need to exchange a product, you will be charged an additional delivery charge. Please take the time and choose carefully. 😊

    How do I get in touch?

    You will see a 'Chat' button on the bottom right of the screen. Press this to chat with us, if we don't reply straight away, you will get your answer emailed. Alternatively, contact Polly at 0211862784 or

    Where are the products made?

    Most of our wool products are made proudly and exclusively in the UK.

    We source from the highest quality mills from which we have had decades of family ties. Learn more about our story here.

    What are the sizes for the products?
    Wool throws sizes:

    185cm x 140cm approximately for tasseled Merino and Pure Wool throws & 115cm x 180cm for blanket stitch throws.

    New Zealand Wool Bedding Blankets sizes:

    Throw (115x180cm), Single (180x230cm), Queen (230x255cm), and King (255x280cm).