This Harris Tweed Chair tells a story of my journey with Exquisite Wool Traders over 15 years..

This Harris Tweed Chair tells a story of my journey with Exquisite Wool Traders over 15 years..

This image tells a story of Exquisite Wool Blankets and how it has evolved over the last 15 years.

Sitting in this room one night it dawned on me not only what a journey it has been but also what a privilege it is to enable people to put nature's wonder fibre in their homes.

The chair in this image is covered in genuine Harris Tweed cloth, which I sell by the metre so people can have cushions, among other things made. Incidentally my curtains are also in this same beautiful cloth. The woollen cushion in the chair was something I offered a few years ago and came with a woollen inner, and the throw on the back of the chair was one of my favourites from a limited edition collection. Not forgetting the other woollen objects pictured - the rug, a little Harris Tweed hip flask and of course wool carpet.

The throws were a welcome addition to my original range of bedding blankets, and I would have to say the original bedding blankets are still at the forefront of the business as many people are ditching the duvets and using bedding blankets instead. I'm certainly one of them!

It was a tough road when I started and an add on to what my family were doing at Yaldhurst Wools in Christchurch. Perseverance, my passion for wool and incredible support from my loyal customers kept me going and I can now offer the following to other wool lovers and lovers of all things beautiful.

- Brora knitwear - beautiful woollen cardigans and jumpers

- Woollen throws - Woollen bedding blankets in the most diverse colour range and largest sizes offered in New Zealand

- Woollen caskets and ash urns, so comforting at such a difficult time

- Harris Tweed cloth

- Woollen flat caps, great to see them in fashion

- Woollen bags

- Woollen scarves AND yes there is more to come ..........Watch this space!

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